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Wednesday, 03 July 2024 13:09


Our OPERA range of base kits, made from gesso-coated Merkusii Pine, bring undeniable elegance and charm to your interiors. They underline the architectural beauty of living spaces by combining aesthetics and functionality.

Perfect for those wishing to add a sophisticated dimension to their decor, these kits create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Our solid pine moldings (density 730 KG/M3), coated with Gesso (calcium bicarbonate derived from chalk), are pre-cut to dimensions of 600 mm and 400 mm with a 45° angle, ready to install. With 600X400 and 600X600 kits, we can meet most requirements, even offering the possibility of easily recutting the pieces for customized dimensions.

Gesso, from the Latin “gypsos”, means gypsum or plaster. This traditional coating, used to prepare surfaces for painting, provides smooth, adherent surfaces, reducing paint absorption. Our Opéra range, coated with Gesso, guarantees you high-quality, noble products with a silky touch and a perfect paint finish in a single coat without sanding.