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Wooden Floors & Parquets (19)

Estaparket is the Brand name for the engineered wood flooring, manufactured by AS Technomar & Adrem — a family-owned private Company, founded in 1991. Our factory is equipped with the latest technically advanced machinery supplied by unrivaled specialists in this field.

• Wide range of designs, colours and finishes
• Choice of up to 6 widths
• Quick & easy to install
• Client ready within 24 hours
• Suitable for underfloor heating
• Splash proof and easy to maintain
• 100% Environmentally friendly
• Zero emissions
• VOC A+
• FSC & PEFC certified
• Tested & Certified by International Bodies
• Flooring available for LEED v4.1 & BREEAM projects

Unique by Nature

A secluded monastery, where timeless traditions are kept alive. The buildings lovingly looked after by their inhabitants, who know every crack in the walls, every knot in the wooden flooring. Their feet have left traces of wear on the floors, in the rooms and hallways, telling a story of ancient routines. Welcome to the world of Original Chapel Parket flooring. The Original Chapel Parket stamp is your seal of quality for the most exclusive, Dutch-made wooden flooring. The Original Chapel Parket story is one of a distinctive natural product, manufactured in an environmentally friendly way.

France Production Parquet Innovation is a French hardwood flooring manufacturer, rich in
knowledge accumulated in the last 60 years.
Since 2013, the FPPI team have continued the Parqueterie Berichonne theme, in developing a
charismatic range which comfortably finds its place in the market of high- end flooring products.
Conscious of its previous notoriety and the high expectations of the slogan ''MADE IN France '' , FPPI
offers you a portfolio of engineered and solid products under the brand name ''Parqueterie
Berrichonne '' .
We are proud to offer a collection of wood floors with natural tones, coloured stains, aged aspect,
trendy finishes, conveying both traditional and modern styles to the tastes of the market.

No other floor covering is as synonymous with natural as parquet, and no other brand is as synonymous with parquet as HARO. Hamberger Flooring, Germany's leading parquet manufacturer, has also evolved into Europe's largest Plank 1-Strip producer. HARO Parquet Floors offer a vast choice of different formats, surfaces and colours. Brimming with ideas for products made of natural wood, HARO has developed the 2015 range to feature new formats like Plank 1-Strip Plaza, new surfaces like Longstrip with 3D effect, as well as natural matt and subtle colours emphasising the character of the wood – as the Puro collection also offers in combination with other parquet designs.

Exports to over 20 countries continued to grow solidly for the Dutch Bespoke Wooden Flooring manufacturer. The wide range of possibilities, the attractive innovative designs, high quality, flexibility, just-in-time customised work, and a trustworthy delivery are the reasons for this. New export markets will help to boost the Heywood turnover even more in 2015.

At Trap Flooring they talk of parquet if the top layer is at least 3mm. Trap Flooring offers three different types of floors in two layers, always a hardwood top layer on a birch multiplex base: Multrifloor Project (9mm + 3 mm), Multrifloor Royal ( 11mm + 3.8 mm), and Multrifloor Majestic (14mm + 5.5mm). Trap Flooring produces only two-layer floors.

Lieverdink has multi-layer floors with a top layer at least 4mm thick. This can also run up to a 6mm top layer. Thicknesses can be adapted on request, in both the top layer and in the panel. Lieverdink has its own two-layer product: Q2 13mm (7, 9, 12, and 14cm), Q2 wide (18.5, 22.5, and 24.5cm) and products within the Kahrs and Moso assortment (bamboo). From Kahrs and Moso Lieverdink has various floors with a conventional 'three-layer' system and with proven quality for several decades.

Meister has multi-layer floors with a 2.5mm thick top layer for ecological reasons in order to reduce the impact on the environment by consuming fewer raw materials. Meister parquet floors always have three layers: a pine counter layer, and HDF middle layer, and a top layer in real wood. The various layers have a neutralising character and ensure a stable floor.

Lalegno floors are available in European or Chinese oak, bamboo, and tropical wood sorts (wenge, doussie, merbau, teak, and walnut). In thickness the floors are 10mm (top layer 2.5mm), 15mm (top layer 4mm) or 21mm (top layer 6mm). Most of these products are 1860mm long, but you can also opt for extra long planks of 2200mm or even 4500mm long. There is also a choice in the width, with the options varying from 127 to no fewer than 320mm.

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