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Thursday, 20 June 2024 20:08

Välinge licensees freed to use SPC trademark

Välinge announces that it has entered into an agreement with i4F relating to the use of US “SPC” trademark based on their legal proceedings against the previous trademark owner, Mr. Dan Mitchell. This agreement resolves the issues regarding “SPC” branded products in the US market, ensuring freedom to operate for Välinge licensees and their partners.

“Välinge is pleased to have secured non-assertion right to “SPC” trademark. All current US customs actions based on the “SPC” trademark labelled with L2C are lifted and it is no longer necessary to conceal the “SPC” name on product packaging for US imports.” says Per Nygren, EVP of Välinge Innovation.

In recent months, the flooring industry has faced large-scale customs seizures at US borders, forcing companies to pay substantial sums to release containers holding their SPC products. The L2C program is an industry authentication labelling program for licensed partners which requires an authorized and unique holographic label on every box of product that is covered by certain intellectual property.