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Thursday, 28 March 2024 14:12

COREtec® Floors

COREtec® Floors introduce Stair Expert - the revolutionary staircase renovation system
COREtec® Floors, leading manufacturers of innovative floors, are proud to announce the launch of Stair Expert: a unique system that makes staircase renovation easier than ever before. Following the introduction of their own COREtec® Stairs staircase collection in 2022, COREtec® Floors now present the perfect solution to simplify the renovation process still further. Measuring up and ordering staircases is now child's play for distributors and installers thanks to our groundbreaking app and online order platform. The staircase components are cut to size according to the measurements and then delivered directly to the distributor.

Technologically advanced but still accessible
The traditional approach to staircase renovation is highly complex and time-consuming, and requires special tools. The Stair Expert system from COREtec® Floors brings staircase renovation within the reach of any distributor or installer, regardless of their expertise and skills, with no requirement for expensive tools and no risk of mistakes.
The distributor or installer can make a start as soon as they receive the staircase renovation kit, which includes all the necessary tools and markers as well as a clearly written instruction manual. Having scanned the QR code and created a Stair Expert account you can input all the measurements for the staircase and choose the desired style. The staircase can be precisely measured by taking photographs of the treads with the markers attached, as per the instructions in the ICM20 app. The app is available from both the iOS and the Android app store. All measurements are automatically sent to your account by the app.
The final step is to choose the style for the COREtec® staircase components: the order for them to be cut to size can then be sent off with a few clicks. The individually cut staircase components are then sent directly to the store, ready for installation.

Stairs for all
One striking feature of the COREtec® Stair Expert system is the ability to renovate stair treads with widths of up to 153cm. The system is therefore suitable for a huge range of applications, whether it's a straight staircase or one with one or more turns.
The staircase can be further enhanced with built-in LED lighting, which is both visually attractive and highly practical. There is also a varied selection of suitable flooring, skirtings and other accessories to choose from. Keep your stairs in top condition with the COREtec® maintenance kit.
"Stair Expert makes staircase renovation accessible to every distributor, and for virtually any staircase," says Mathias De Ruyck, Product Manager with COREtec® Floors. "The precise measuring system ensures a perfect fit, so cutting components to size on site is a thing of the past. A standard staircase can be renovated in as little as 2 to 3 hours. So it's a win-win situation!"

Safe and acoustically dampened
COREtec® staircase components feature a high-quality wear layer 0.55mm thick, so they can certainly stand up to hard knocks, so they are ready to withstand anything family life can throw at them, children and pets included. Just like COREtec® flooring, the staircase components are acoustically dampened, with an integrated cork underlay and Sound Core® technology. The stairs are warm and quiet underfoot, and exceptionally pleasant to walk on. And with the special COREtec® anti-slip coating the stairs are completely safe.
Renovating a staircase can easily take up a full day. But with Stair Expert the job can be finished in just 2-3 hours, leaving the installer free to continue with other rebuilding and renovation work.

A new staircase in 5 easy steps
Once the app is downloaded from the iOS or Android app store the user can measure up the staircase using their own smartphone.
1. Choose the style and then input the details of the staircase.
2. Place the markers on the bottom tread.
3. Follow the instructions in the app and take a photo.
4. Repeat these steps for each tread.
5. The staircase components will be cut to size and delivered to the distributor, ready for the installer to carry out the renovation.

At COREtec® Floors we are proud to introduce Stair Expert, a new step in our quest to offer innovative solutions to improve the lives of our customers. We have built up a sound reputation with our high-quality flooring and will continue with our efforts to supply a wide range of top-class flooring products, delivering beauty, sustainability and ease of use.

For further information on COREtec® Stair Expert please contact your Sales Manager.