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Monday, 18 March 2024 12:23

Register your free visit to Flanders Flooring Days today

Event offers efficient diary management
Anyone soon heading to Flanders to discover the most exciting trends in the world of soft and hard flooring will not be leaving disappointed. Not only will all the leading companies be gathered in The Hub Kortrijk Xpo or at the 14 showrooms within a few kilometres radius, but you can also register your visit to participants in advance This will make your visit very efficient, leaving you time to network in style while enjoying Flemish hospitality.

From 13 to 16 May, Flanders Flooring Days will welcome all the top names in the flooring sector: as a participant or as a visitor. Your time is precious, so the organisers have created an efficient appointment system. You indicate which showrooms and companies you would like to meet in The Hub Kortrijk Xpo, and they will contact you directly to arrange your visit. That way you can guarantee a smooth visit to the industry’s most important event.
This registration is free of charge and available from today. You can also use the free shuttle service between The Hub in Kortrijk where you will find more than 45 participating companies
and 14 showrooms on location. I nformation about the participants can be found at the event/participants/

4 must visit exhibitors in The Hub
The Swiss company F abromont AG will be out to impress at Flanders Flooring Days with its unique textile floor covering Kugelgarn® Thanks to its exceptional design and high quality, this
innovation integrates seamlessly into any architectural concept. The design possibilities are endless and safety and style are guaranteed. Kugelgarn® is available both as a fitted carpet and as modular products and tiles. The modules are produced without heavy backing and are available in a range of sizes. The floor covering is used mainly in the office and education sectors. Discover this combination of aesthetics, economy and sustainability for yourself at s tand 128 in The Hub.

Another giant in the world of soft flooring is the international carpet manufacturer Betap Their impressive carpet solutions are designed with quality, service, the environment, the safety of their employees and the future of the community in mind. Betap has grown from a local supplier of rush mats to the innovative player it is today, with modern production lines and ISO certification. You will find this Dutch producer at s tand 108 in The Hub.

The Gerflor Group designs, produces and sells an innovative, decorative, environmentally friendly range of vinyl floor solutions including click and adhesive systems. The producer offers
everything you need to improve interiors, from installation to finishing. At its production facility in France, it works to produce environmentally friendly floors that meet all consumers’ requirements, for residential or professional purposes. Discover the full range at s tand 119 in The Hub.

If you’re curious about the applications of woven vinyl, then a visit to TUULI FLOORING® is a must. This latest brand under the umbrella of the LTA Group introduce s a retail and project ori-
ented woven vinyl flooring solution, designed and produced in Belgium. Subtle lines and attractive colour variations are combined with all the advantages of a hard textile floor. At Flanders
Flooring Days, the LTA Group will also be introducing Ruglines® mid dle and high end carpe t borders for finishing of all kinds of rugs. See both up close at s tand 106 in The Hub.

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