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Veneer floors (4)

Unwavering in our mission to provide highest quality products ESTAPARKET has now launched new NOVA collection. Wooden floors are second to none and our new collection brings you top quality with affordable price.

Each Par-ky plank is finished with a layer of veneer wood. This is why the floors look like solid parquet. And so, at Par-ky, just as in the wild, you never find two identical planks. Moreover, the wood also has a pleasant warm feel. Par-ky veneer floors have a top layer of 0.6mm in accordance with the DSI principle (Double Sided Impregnation).

EUROPLAC is a brand of the French family business CABANNES, which specialises in applying veneer wood. EUROPLAC's floor and parquet range includes a range of veneer wood for which the company now has over 25 years of know-how in the production and sourcing of the raw materials. We realise that nowadays it is difficult to find a place for a range of veneer wood on the market, if it is not linked to another range of composite parquet. This is why we have integrated the ABSOLU 8 (formerly FUNFLOOR) range of veneer wooden floors into our à la carte system. Therefore, it is possible to find the same colours and sizes as in the range of composite parquet, but at a lower cost price.
The ABSOLU 8 range is designed mainly for domestic use, but can also be a decisive argument in buying for other rooms (especially in rare and more expensive wood sorts).

The construction of Par-Ky floors consists strictly speaking of five layers. Eight UV-dried coats of varnish protect the wood. The top layer consists of 0.6mm noble wood. A dual component adhesive ensures excellent adhesion to the base via the high-tech. DSI (double sided impregnation) technique. The base is an HDF sheet, which guarantees high pressure resistance. This sheet is fitted with a Uniclic joint for quick fitting. A counter layer of 0.6mm is fitted underneath to ensure stability. In two of the four collections (Deluxe and Sound), Par-ky provides an integrated layer of cork of 2mm, which ensures the walking sound of solid wood.