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Finishes and maintenance products for sports floors (6)

Sportive floorings are submitted to very intense use and wear; so in order to increase their lifetime before renovation, specific products and procedures must be regularly adopted. For ordinary frequent cleaning, Tover proposes Sporfloor Cleaner, a sanitizing detergent to wash the floor and remove dirt, sweat and marks. For a deeper cleaning against heavy dirt like grease or even pitch residues after volleyball games, Tover recommends Sportfloor Remover to be used to wash the surface.

For full renovation Plastor offers its own sport system. With the parquet varnish PUR-T® Sport, Plastor is entirely in line with the grip criteria laid down in EN 14904:2006. This varnish is a dual component parquet varnish based on polycarbonate resins for optimal impact resistance (250x that of glass) and high transparency.

LOBADUR® WS 2K FUSION is a dual component semi-matt, extra matt, or extreme matt waterborne varnish on a 100% polyurethane base. LOBADUR® WS 2K FUSION is a waterborne varnish with extremely high durability, strong elasticity, and outstanding chemical resistance. LOBADUR® WS 2K FUSION is a varnish which preserves the natural colour of the wood and is environmentally-friendly.

For several years, Blanchon has presented a complete, waterborne system for finishing sports floors. The Sport® Blanchon glazers are waterborne and have two components. These varnishes include a certificate of suitability for sport and bear Emicode EC1R. Lines can be marked on top of this parquet varnish.

Chimiver Panseri has a complete water-based system for the coating and maintenance of sport wooden floors.
ECOPRIME 2K SPORT is a two-component water based primer (5:1) used as first coat for the water based cycle over sport wooden floors. Thanks to the high solid content, ECOPRIME 2K SPORT has a high coverage property, able to fill the pore of the wood with a single coat. Easy to sand and it gives a good tone to the wood.

Plastor, a designer of solutions to protect and decorate wooden floors, works hard to meet the needs of decorating and interior design professionals.
A specialist for more than 50 years in the production of wooden floor varnishes, today Plastor offers a complete range to meet the needs of all tradespeople: glues, sanding materials, stains, varnishes, oils, maintenance, and decking protection products.