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Avoid mould growing under your floor by letting your floors breathe
Unique Estaparket 2.3 mm thick underlayment uses air channels to circulate air under the floor using micro pumping system.

SGH Parkettfreund is offering a wide and well-structured assortment of underlays. The different products are divided into 4 groups to enable the choice of the adequate underlay.

Mapei presents the subfloor Mapesonic CR. This subfloor has been developed specially for tackling transit sound as a result of footsteps.

Mac Lean has various subfloors to improve acoustic comfort. Isobloc (1.5mm) is the ideal subfloor for LVT floors with a thickness of less than 3.5mm and suitable for click LVT. Isobloc is fitted with an anti-slip layer to prevent the LVT floor from sliding. This subfloor includes good impact sound insulation of 19dB ΔLw (ISO 10140).

Foxifix is a self-adhesive polyester bottom layer which is suitable for all floor types. This subfloor does not adhere to the floor, but the combination of the presence of a certain acrylic resin and the weight of the final floor covering keep this subfloor in its place.

The FERMACELL systems provide particularly effective solutions for improving sound insulation with solid wood or light floors (wooden floor constructions and hollow brick floors). Various tests have shown that these systems meet the highest requirements regarding domestic sound insulation.

We at Envoy specialise in underlay.
We are dedicated to bringing you products you can rely on to take
away the negative aspects of solid flooring. Be it for the
professional or the enthusiastic amateur, we make it our goal to
serve you with a wide range of products.

Design Parquet offers the brand new patented subfloor ISO DB, a two-in-one system which reduces sound considerably and at the same time fixes the floor securely. ISO DB is ready for use and can be fitted speedily. The subfloor consists of an insulation layer of polyethylene foam between two self-adhesive layers of butyl.

Balterio has developed a balanced and high-quality assortment of subfloors which, in combination with the right fitting and maintenance conditions, ensure that consumers can enjoy their Balterio laminate floors with no trouble at all for years on end. Moreover, Balterio also offers a lifelong guarantee (limited to 33 years) on the integrity of the (click) connection between the floor panels provided that they are fitted together with a Balterio subfloor. Balterio offers a choice of three subfloors:

No matter what kind of application you are looking for, Parkettfreund’s new assortment of underlays offers installing solutions for the most different requirements.The range covers a high quality choice of underlays for floor coverings which are clearly structured into four product groups: “PROFI PLUS”, “PROFI”, “NATURAL” and “BASIC”.Besides environmental awareness, low emission and toxicologically harmless products Parkettfreund also puts the emphasis on excellent room acoustics, noise reduction and warmth insolation. Most of the offered underlays are even compatible with floor heating systems and are approved by building authorities.Learn more about Parkettfreund and its range of underlays and ask for the informative sales brochure including descriptive presentations and technical details.

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