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Covering and levelers egalines (7)

In its range for substrate preparation, Tover offers a self-leveling compound full of advantages: Rockfloor F10. Its long leveling time for thickness up to 10 mm enables to lay the wooden floor only after 24 hours.

Stauf offers various solutions for levelling floors. Stauf SPP 95 is a high-quality cement-based leveller. The product is self-levelling and can be pumped. It provides a perfectly smooth surface, which is also very strong and flexible. Stauf SPP 95 reduces pressure and dries quickly.

In the Keralevel Eco range Kerakoll offers six different levelling agents. Kerakoll also presents in the Keratech Eco line six ecological and mineral levelling agents which are self-levelling and fast-drying, and designed specifically for parquet. The Keratech ECO R10 (C30-F6 pursuant to EN13813) bears a Kerakoll Green Building Rating Eco5.

All floors have different features. And so, this also means that the desired levelling agent has to meet these features. That's why it's important to know in advance what sort of floor is going to be fitted on top. You can then also decide on the most suitable levelling agent. Before the substrate is levelled, a primer is necessary to bind the dust and to increase the absorbent effect of the subfloor.

Since flexible types of floors have a limited thickness, they need to be fitted on a perfect substrate. There are special levelling compounds for such floor coverings. Important points to look out for in the choice of a product are its fluidity and ease of application. The most important ingredients are cement and, sometimes, reinforcement fibres.

UZIN has developed UZIN NC 174, a premium performance levelling compound which is ideal for smoothing and levelling work prior to fitting a wooden floor.
UZIN NC 174 is not only extremely reliable, but also environmentally friendly. UZIN NC 174 bears the CE label to guarantee that each bag has a compressive strength of 35N and a flexural strength of 7N. As well as bearing the CE label, all products are EC1 R Plus rated for low emission, a consideration for contractors or specifiers who are looking for BREEAM or LEED certification.
UZIN NC 174 also provides a number of benefits for Floor fitters, such as excellent fluidity, accelerated setting with an increased surface hardness, extreme 'watering stability', and shrinkage reduction.
The 'Level Plus Effect' also lowers the risk of bubbling and creates the best possible surface to fit the final floor covering, resulting in a very smooth appearance and a level finish.

Adesiv promotes the cement-based levelling compound Pavilast R for levelling uneven floors. This is done in accordance with the following fitting instructions. Always check the moisture in the bottom layer using the right instruments. The bottom layer must not contain any liquid and must be free of loose items such as plaster, dust, oils, or wax. Pour the powder (25kg) and the water (6.5kg), which has reached room temperature, into a clean bucket and mix the compound with an electric stirrer until you get an even paste with no lumps and of a thickness which you can spread. The paste obtained in this way must be left for a few minutes before it is applied with the correct, smooth, stainless steel spatula. Before you apply the paste, always check the moisture in the covering floor – this must be under 2% (under 0.5% with anhydrite). The surrounding temperature should be between 15 and 25°C, whilst the relative air humidity must not exceed 75%. If the substrate is loose, it is better to pre-treat it with Pavilast K. To obtain a better spreading quality, you can add ADECON K500 to Pavilast R. Adesiv recommends that you use Adesiv products for glueing.