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Entrance mats (4)

For over 30 years, ROSCO has been producing its own mat frames and high quality entry mats. With an extensive range, ROSCO ensures a variety of designs for all applications and situations: rectangular, square, round, or fully adapted to the bizarre shape of your entrance. They are the perfect solution for any entrance, both private and commercial buildings. Apart from this complete range, ROSCO also offers personalised logo mats, so companies can stamp their identity on their entrance and reception areas.

Hamat identifies two sorts of mats, namely entry mats and (washable) doormats. Entry mats are usually produced from polyamide or polypropylene threads and therefore scrape dirt from the underside of the feet. A (washable) doormat is produced from cotton. Cotton absorbs a lot of damp.

The German manufacturer is promoting the 3-zone cleaning concept. This reduces the amount of dirt by up to 90% and obviously that makes cleaning easier and reduces wear and tear on the parquet floor. Each of the three entry mats has its own function. An entry mat for the entrance door, still in the outside zone, removes the initial dirt, and then a second mat just beyond the entrance also removes dirt.

Basmat is a new concept in aluminium entrance matting, thanks to its click assembly process, similar to laminate flooring. Basmat is more than a mat, it is an anti-dirt flooring. Its revolutionary assembly system lets a quick supply and installation. Adaptations can be made during the installation.