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Flame-retardant lacquers (7)

- Bfl-s1 is the highest possible classification for a burnable flooring product
- Achieved with using special tested and trusted fire-retardant finishes and lacquers
- Or wood floor is a perfect choice for public buildings — schools, kindergartens, hotels, etc.

The Danish technological institute for Fire Safety (DBI) has tested WOCA Diamond Oil and WOCA Hard Wax Oil and their influence on the fire reaction of a wooden floor in accordance with EN/ISO 9239-1. EN/ISO 9239-1 is a European test procedure to determine the fire reaction, fire spread, and smoke emission of a horizontally fitted floor covering, which is exposed to a source of heat rays.

In order to reply to the specific requirements of public places and especially emergency exits, Tover offers a two-component water-based fire retardant lacquer, Firestop SQ; the product was tested and certified Cfl-s1 in compliance with the EN 1350 European norm. It also matches Class 2 according to the even more restrictive UN 9697 Italian law.

With RMC FR Oil System, Muylle Facon claims the first fire-retardant oil system in the world which has a Bfl-s1 certification for oak. Given that it is entirely based on the signature technology of Rubio Monocoat, whereby a molecular bond is formed with the upper fibres of the wood in one single layer, it is not made up of one layer in contrast to many existing systems. The RMC FR System consists of a fire-resistant pre-treatment with RMC FR Base and a finish with RMC FR Oil.

Loba presents its Lobadur WS Sealer FR. This latest dual component sealer fits excellently within the now popular Loba system and gives sufficient assurance due to its outstanding fire-retardant properties and excellent processing possibilities on the floor. WS Sealer FR has proved that it has a strong fire-retardant effect and reduces the development of smoke considerably, something for which a lot of demands are made particularly in projects.

Ciranova presents its Aquafix Project 2K. Aquafix Project 2K comes under class C: the product is combustible and has Euro class Cfl s1 (Fl stands for flooring + s1 stands for smoke development) for the application of 3 x 100g/m².

Blanchon does not sell fire-retardant paints in the literal sense of that term. Fire-retardant paints are aimed at making inflammable materials non-combustible or to delay the combustibility considerably. This is achieved through the addition of certain additives.