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Moisture meters (4)

Gann has an extensive range of measuring tools for damp in building materials and such like. The Hydromette Compact B is a Handy tool for detecting damp in walls and floors quickly and for carrying out tests prior to a CM analysis.

Brookhuis Micro-Electronics B.V. supplies both 'capacitive' hygrometers and meters based on resistance damp measurement. These hygrometers have an extremely broad scope, not only in the parquet industry, but also in the entire timber processing industry.

DNS Denzel has been specialising for over 20 years in the development of damp measurement equipment. The measurements barely take two seconds and are done using non-destructive measuring equipment. DNS Denzel presents electronic damp detectors, which measure the moisture in wood and in the screed.

Tramex turns out a completely new tool which takes measuring damp to a new dimension. The Tramex CMEX Hygro-i Flooring Kit is a complete damp measuring kit in which the instant damp measuring test and the brand new Hygro-i probe are deployed together to create a new standard in the area of speed and accuracy again and again.