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Wednesday, 18 January 2023 11:00

Thank you for making Domotex 2023 such a remarkable event!

Meeting every one of you was fantastic. We very much appreciate you taking the time to visit our stand, for sharing your positive feedback and for the strong interest you showed in both our technologies and our growing product offer.

As you know, we are in an expansive and rapidly moving phase and are truly enthusiastic about an exciting year full of opportunities. Below you’ll find useful information about Välinge’s brand-new innovations and highly appreciated technologies and the noteworthy news about Välinge Flooring and Bjelin uniting as one strong flooring brand – Bjelin.

Technologies from Välinge Innovation
Välinge Innovation are among the top industry-leaders in the world, well-known for developing groundbreaking technologies and challenging traditional ways of thinking.

Floor locking technologies
5G® Portfolio
The 5G® Fold Down system is recognized to be the fastest, easiest and most reliable installation system on the market. All startling floor locking innovations from Välinge originates from this smart and easy solution.

For more information about our versatile 5G Portfolio, please see links below.
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5G Portfolio highlights
5G® Cross™
5G Cross is our brand-new floor locking system finally making straight set pattern installations fast, easy and reliable with a lasting result every time. The unique cross component successfully keeps panels in the desired positions and installing floors in rectangle or square patterns without panel-movement and gaps between the boards is no longer either hard or time-consuming.

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5G® Dry™
The leak-proof 5G Dry floor locking system has the same fast, easy, and durable installation as the popular 5G Fold Down – but with a watertight joint. This means zero-risk for leakage through the floor panels without needing extra coating or chemicals. With a watertight installation system there are no longer any needs to worry – you get a long-lasting floor that perfectly fits a modern lifestyle.

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Panel technology – taking resilient floors to the next level

Liteback® creates several major advantages for resilient flooring and is the most well-used and appreciated technology available. It’s a lighter, more sustainable, and user-friendly way to produce, transport, store, deliver, and install resilient floors. With this technology you get a up to 20 percent lighter product. The light weight means more efficient transports, easier and safer installation and a smaller environmental footprint.

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Surface technologies – creating more durable floors

Woodura® is a high-quality way to produce a more sustainable real wood floor. With this technology you get more product out of less raw-material and the unique surface solution makes the floor up to three times stronger than traditional wood floors making this a beautiful and long-lasting choice capable to handle most aspects of daily life.
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The Nadura technology creates flooring with greater durability than the toughest stone tiles and has a warm comfort that rivals the most luxurious wood floors. The flexible processing technique allows for nearly endless design possibilities and enables smart recycling of materials in production creating an improved environmental impact.
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Hygienius is a revolutionary surface technology involving a unique additive integrated into the lacquer. When exposed to light, this additive activates a process to break down harmful emissions, bacteria, and odors, creating a more pleasant – and healthier – indoor environment.
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Topshell™ is a protective layer technology making it possible to produce a wear layer as thin as 0.2-0.3 mm with the same protection properties as a standard 0.5 mm layer. This means major benefits for the appearance of the floor and a much smarter usage of material.
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Product offering from Bjelin
Uniting forces brings major advantages. A larger product range, improved stock availability and an optimized capacity to faster meet market desires – to name a few. Read more about the brand merge here:

Bjelin – the united flooring brand
The desire for high-quality consciously produced flooring is constantly growing making this a great time for us to combine our strengths. Coming together creates an even stronger and more relevant flooring brand moving ahead.
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Learn more about Bjelin and the joint product offer here: 

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