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Tuesday, 23 August 2022 13:44

Lindura – the answer to wood flooring questions


Many people who are renovating or building new want a wooden floor covering. No wonder - because nothing brings naturalness and atmosphere into the home as easily as a high-quality wooden floor.

At the same time, however, there are also reservations: isn't a wooden floor terribly sensitive and high-maintenance, especially in the kitchen or hallway? And what about availability given the current shortage of wood? Lindura wood flooring from MEISTER will answer many of these questions!

What makes Lindura so special?

Lindura is a natural wood flooring with that special something, because it is sustainable, robust and suitable for everyday use. This is exactly what makes Lindura the wooden floor of the future because its surfaces only require one eighth of the raw wood material used by conventional multi-layered parquet flooring. How it works? With an innovative manufacturing process! The so-called wood powder technology is used for the production of Lindura. Wood Powder is a fine powder made from wood fibers and mineral components that is fused with the real wood top layer to form an extremely durable surface. This is how innovative technology turns a natural wooden floor into a particularly hard-wearing high-tech wood flooring that forgives a lot of stress and is very easy to clean.

This applies in particular to the ultra-matt variants. The specially developed, innovative ultra-matt lacquer Duratec Nature moistens every single pore deep down. This makes the floor stain-resistant, resistant to micro-scratches and wear and tear and has an anti-footprint effect. At the same time, the floor does not look varnished - on the contrary!

Lindura can be installed as a floating floor without any adhesive and is also perfect for use on underfloor heating. Due to the special product structure, the floor has a very low thermal resistance. This means that even with a floating installation, the heat quickly penetrates the floor into the room, which saves energy.

In which variants is Lindura available?

The Lindura range comprises 24 château planks (12 naturally oiled and 12 ultra matt lacquered) and 8 ultra matt lacquered herringbone variants. All plank formats in the revised HD 400 collection (effective measurements 2200 x 270 mm and additionally for six of the naturally oiled colours 2600 x 320 mm) are equipped with AquaStop edge impregnation. The flooring is thus water-resistant for 24 hours and suitable for humid rooms. All surfaces – both ultra matt lacquered and naturally oiled – have also been successfully tested to ensure an antibacterial effect.

Can Lindura also be sanded down?

For many, the ability to renovate, i.e. the classic "sanding down" of a wooden floor, is an important factor in the purchase decision. Because of the extremely hard wood powder layer, sanding down the Lindura wood floor is not possible. But this floor can also be renovated: with naturally oiled surfaces by simply re-oiling (also partially), with the ultra-matt variants using the Bona Recoat System. This system makes it possible to quickly and inexpensively renew an aging floor. The upper layer of paint is sanded and resealed. In this way, residues of care products, footprints and light scratches are removed and the floor can be used again the very next day.

Wall and stair design with Lindura
Who actually says that wooden floors only belong on the floor? With a practical rail system, Lindura can be easily brought into the vertical position. Natural wood on the wall changes the atmosphere of a room in a unique way: it influences the room sound, the effect of the light and creates a pleasant, homely ambience with its colour and structure. And best of all, it just looks great. The practical and easy-to-install rail system from MEISTER - originally developed for classic wall panels - makes wall design with Lindura wooden floors easy to implement. Once the rails are in place, the Lindura planks can be fastened with the help of the rotary clips without a hammer and nails. This means that the high-quality parquet planks can be used in a variety of ways in wall design: They can be laid vertically or horizontally, applied over the entire surface or used on partial surfaces, for example for wall panels or for decorative wall frames in room passages.
And by means of the right stair edge profile, Lindura can even be used for stairs. The type 11 profile additionally enxures and impact-resistant edge.