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Tuesday, 05 July 2022 15:59

Parquetvinyl by Lamett : Nakuru, the quietest vinyl floor

We are living increasingly closer together, and the construction of apartment blocks seems never ending. This makes our lives more and more hectic, making us yearn for some peace and quiet or just to do our own thing at home. And that’s what the Nakuru collection by Parquetvinyl seeks to achieve: a floor that allows you to live life to the full without disturbing housemates or neighbours.

With Nakuru, Parquetvinyl presents the quietest floating vinyl floor on the market, with no additional subfloor required. These innovative vinyl planks are made up of layers of different materials that each block out a different sound frequency. The integrated orange subfloor, a feature of all Parquetvinyl collections, helps make installation easy.

The hard numbers speak for themselves: Nakuru reduces noise transmission by 21 dB ΔLw and 10 dB ΔLlin. It therefore easily meets the most stringent acoustic standards that apply to the project market in the Netherlands, and therefore the European standard too. No more noise disturbance from stiletto heels or furniture being moved. It also noticeably increases absorption of so-called reflected noise, which is a bonus in any home.

Nakuru is being launched in 10 natural colours, 6 of which come as planks and 4 as herringbone. The synchronous wood structure of the planks and highly matte gloss level give this floor the appearance of parquet. As with any Parquetvinyl collection, skirting and profile options are available to match every floor.

To help draw distributors' attention to this collection, we have designed a new display that compactly showcases the wide range of natural colours and allows consumers to test the unique features of the floor themselves. Because this floor is more than just quiet: it is highly shock and stain resistant, stable, fully water resistant, easy to install and maintain... In short, it is suited for total enjoyment, and minor dramas.