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Monday, 15 November 2021 15:20

The New Küberit Skirting Trim

Skirting trim professionally renovated

Renovations are trending as the leading share of residential construction at 68%. Work on existing buildings in commercial and public building construction is also predominant. * For this major potential, the profile manufacturer Küberit has completed its wide range of floor, wall and stair profiles with the new skirting trim type 928 for the renovation of tile skirtings. When installing LVT flooring, they enable a base that is as attractive as it is durable and has the same decor.

Smart Solution
The new Küberit skirting trim made of aluminum in the anodized colors silver and stainless steel optic brushed can be installed without a lot of dirt and extensive rework. It is designed so that LVT coverings up to a thickness of 3.2 mm can be glued to the profile. The small nose on the top edge of the profile ensures a clean finish and protects the flooring strip from wear and tear. The new skirting trim gives a wide range of design options and offers the possibility of a professional and durable implementation.

Covers all common skirtings
Küberit has transferred its proven profile technology from floors to cover trims for skirtings. The 51.5 mm high profile can be installed effortlessly and at variable heights by skilled craftsmen: The inner or covering gauge of 8 mm is calculated to cover the most common skirtings. If the standard dimension of 250 cm is too long, the skirting can be quickly shortened to the required length. After laying the floor, it is glued to the existing skirting with a mounting adhesive. Next, insert the precisely cut LVT strip into the profile with the production edge or a beveled bottom edge. Finally, press the trim down firmly towards the floor. The inner and outer corners, which are made of high-quality plastic in matching colors, are placed on the strip from above and fastened with adhesive. The end pieces can be cut to the desired height and glued afterwards. The result is an elegant, decor matching base, optimally protected by the aluminum profile.

The advantages of the Küberit cover strip for tile skirting:
• specially designed for renovations of stone and tile floors with LVT floor coverings
• professional, durable solution
• easy gluing over old tiles with the skirting trim
• low workload, no noise pollution and little dirt
• design of a new, shapely, decor-matched skirting board
• Inner and outer corners as well as end pieces made of high-quality and color-matched plastic material

About Küberit Profile Systems GmbH & Co. KG
As a globally successful manufacturer of floor and stair profiles, the name Küberit has stood for quality and progress for 158 years. Customer satisfaction, perfection, innovation, and the preservation of our tradition are integral parts of our corporate philosophy. Constant investments in the latest technologies and certifications guarantee the continuously high quality of our products and services. Küberit is one of the first profile manufacturers to be certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and has been so since September 2016.