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Thursday, 28 October 2021 09:39

Interview with Renza Altoè Garbelotto (CEO Parchettificio of Garbelotto and president of the Wooden Floors Group of FederlegnoArredo / EdilegnoArredo)

“Italy and Garbelotto are leading the way in demonstrating how wooden floors have become real pieces of interior design furniture”

As a parquet country, Italy is known as a supplier of high-end wooden floors. An exponent for parquet flooring of the very highest level is Parchettificio Garbelotto. Garbelotto is an historic company with 70 years of experience and tailoring in the wood flooring sector, with wooden floors that are made entirely in the Province of Treviso. As such it is a more than worthy interlocutor to talk both about the company itself and wooden floors in Italy.

Floor Forum International interviewed CEO Renza Altoè Garbelotto during Cersaie (Bologna), where Clip Up System® was highlighted. Mrs. Garbelotto speaks both from her function as leader of her own company and as president of the Wooden Floors Group Edilegno/ FederlegnoArredo, National Associations of Wooden Companies.

You are currently presenting a very special product, Clip Up System®. What exactly is this product about?

“Clip Up System® is our patented and exclusive glue-free installation system for wooden floors that allows quick and easy installation with the possibility of replacing even a single board in just a few seconds. It is a revolutionary installation system, which goes beyond glued and floating installation and guarantees a perfect and simple installation with the polymer clips placed on the laying surface where the boards fit together. It is suitable for raised and inspectable floors, because the removal and replacement of a board is very fast, clean and requires only a few tools. Clip Up System® is enjoying great national and international success in the world of architecture, interior design and construction because it is totally eco-sustainable, recyclable and reusable.”

As this is a special about Italy, we would like to know where you situate yourself as a company in the market of wooden floors. How is this market evolving and what kind of special features do you as a company have to take into account to bring the right products to market?

“We are a leader in the Italian market, recognized for quality and reliability in the production of 100% Made in Italy wooden floors. All stages of the production take place entirely in Italy and within our factories.”
“The market leans towards two paths: on the one hand the choice of speculative and competitive products, on the other the quality product. Garbelotto has chosen to guarantee a high quality product, thanks to continuous investments in technology, research and human resources. We are convinced that the wooden floor is no longer considered a simple covering, but has become a real piece of interior design furniture. Our R&D department is constantly looking for technological and innovative solutions to propose new laying geometries and special finishes, making customization a fundamental element of production.”

Mrs. Garbelotto, you are also the president of the Wooden Floors Group di Edilegno/ FederlegnoArredo, National Associations of Wooden Companies. Could you elaborate a little on what this group does and in what direction you are steering its members?

“I was elected in July 2020 as Director in Charge of the Wooden Floors Group of FederlegnoArredo / EdilegnoArredo, the group that follows the specifications of the entire sector from the more technical aspects, such as regulations, problems and prospects of the national market, up to the practical for the enhancement and promotion of wooden floors in the national market with particular attention to the Made in Italy product. I am fortunate to collaborate with an exceptional team, made up of the president of FederlegnoArredo, Claudio Feltrin, the president of EdilegnoArredo, Andrea Bazzichetto, and many other collaborators. We are a pro-active team, our mission is to share, enhance and protect the entire wooden flooring sector in Italy and around the world.”
“Europe is setting us the right path, as it is increasingly encouraging the use of wood. It promotes this 100% natural material in new buildings, with the aim of significantly reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 2030. Following the important European directives, the FederlegnoArredo wood flooring group is always at work sharing and disseminating updated reference information materials for the whole market and for professionals, such as the new installation manual: "PARQUET - From the project to the installation”, a reference manual for the whole market.”

A question related to the previous one, but this time more in general directed at Italy as a country: what are the most important directions your country takes in the flooring business? And how does Garbelotto relate to all of this?

“The theme of environmental and social sustainability is certainly the focus on which we are working, given the increasing attention paid to well-being, living comfort and the environment itself. We are emerging from a pandemic that has made us - and is making us - reflect on the importance and healthiness of the environments we frequent with a particular focus on the material component, the warmth and naturalness of wood. The whole wood-furniture supply chain supports the theme of sustainability and the sector of wooden floors certainly plays a fundamental and primary role.”
“Garbelotto is very attentive to all aspects related to sustainability and is FSC certified for the procurement of raw materials from forests, subject to controlled and certified reforestation. We are the first Wooden Floor Company in Italy that is EPD certified (Environmental Product Declaration), a certificate that attests not only the sustainability of the product in all its phases, but also the company in applying sustainable criteria, attentiveness to people and the environment in all its processes.”

Italy has always been known as a top design country. But how is Italy doing as a country on a manufacturing level?

“There is no other added value such as Made in Italy, whose strength is the continuous search for innovative solutions that respect both people and the environment. The availability of the raw material and the Due Diligence are linked to a regulated, traceable and certifiable path, that is an absolute guarantee of the product recognized internationally as an added value.”
“Italy is founded on small, medium and large companies that offer the market customized solutions that others are unlikely to achieve. I am proud, together with my whole family, to lead a company in constant expansion, evolution and perspective. Riding the wave of Industry 4.0, Garbelotto has duplicated its production area, inserting the latest generation machinery without neglecting the historicity and professionalism of our wood masters, who finish and check the high quality of our wooden floors.”