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Wednesday, 12 May 2021 10:55

MEISTER antibacterial and water-resistant laminate floors

MEISTER LD 250 Light field oak 6843 MEISTER LD 250 Light field oak 6843

MEISTER is offering laminate floors which remain water-resistant for between 4 and 24 hours. This means that all MEISTER laminate floors with a minimum thickness of 8 mm are suitable for bathrooms.

The MEISTER laminate floor AquaSafe system comprises several ele-ments which protect the floor against moisture penetration: a watertight melamine surface, new AquaStop edge impregnation, a refined joint seal, and a swelling-enhanced base plate.

Both the LL250 (S) and LD 250 collections are 10 mm thick and there-fore have an exceptionally stable product structure and, according to the definition of the European and American laminate sectors, remain water-resistant for 24 hours.

The LD150 stands out for its price-quality ratio. The excellent technical features, combined with splendid designs, mean that this 8 mm laminate floor with four V-grooves and a water-resistant character for four hours is absolutely ideal for the bathroom.

Hygiene has long since been a very important topic for many people, especially within their own four walls. MEISTER laminate flooring has undergone extensive testing in independent laboratories. The result: Bacteria do not feel at home at all on MEISTER laminate flooring sur-faces. MEISTER is therefore pleased that they can now officially call all their laminate flooring “antibacterial”. The surface inhibits bacterial growth without requiring an additional coating – for a wonderfully clean feeling!