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Monday, 12 April 2021 17:02

Sustainability at Pallmann

Pall-X Filler in the new container made of 100 % recycled plastic Pall-X Filler in the new container made of 100 % recycled plastic

Pallmann relies on containers made from 100 % recycled material
In addition to the development of very low-emission products that are compatible with health and the environment, the Uzin Utz Group has been pushing sustainable packaging solutions for years. Now Pallmann is also switching to containers made from 100 % recycled plastic.

"Environmental awareness and sustainability are firmly anchored in the corporate strategy of the entire Uzin Utz Group. The careful approach to the environment and resources is therefore important to us not only at our site, but also along the entire supply chain," Pallmann Managing Director Stefan Neuberger says. "For years, we have been searching for a suitable packaging solution made of recycled material that is in no way inferior to the properties of a conventional container. Our containers are not only product packaging, but also transport packaging. Therefore, as a premium supplier, it is very important to us that the goods reach the customer undamaged and safely." Now a manufacturer has been found whose containers meet all requirements in terms of dimensional stability, stackability and robustness. From now on, primers and sealers will be gradually converted to the new containers.

The new containers are made of 100 % recycled post-consumer recyclate, so-called PCR-HDPE. This is waste that is generated by consumers and is then available again as a raw material for plastic production. For this purpose, the waste is collected, cleaned, sorted and processed into granulate. The containers are purchased from a manufacturer in Germany who also produces in Germany. For labelling purposes, a corresponding embossing on the canisters will in future refer to the recycled packaging.