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Wednesday, 31 March 2021 12:04

Renzo Borgonovo Srl and FNT Srl

Renzo Borgonovo Srl and FNT Srl, along with their new hot embossing machine Borgore 500/ITI, would like to highlight here the three roller’s patterns visible in the printed advertisement.

The Ancient Wood and the Wide Criss Cross pattern are rustic designs, which mean to bring the people living that space to a relaxed, wild country side atmosphere. The Wide Criss Cross, new of 2021, is a elaboration of the classic circle sawn pattern, with the addition of cuts crossing the main cutting direction, to give something extra to the design and break the homogeneity of the original drawing. The Arabesque design, instead, is something completely different, which takes inspiration from the Middle-East art. It is a gentle and elegant floral decoration, which, used wisely, can ennoble and enrich any chosen space. For more info, make sure to contact us!