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Tuesday, 27 October 2020 13:05

New climate-neutral company car with fuel cell and bat-tery drive in the fleet of Uzin Utz

Uzin Utz AG, a globally active full-service provider for floor systems, is setting an example in terms of innovation and sus-tainability with the Mercedes GLC F-Cell hydrogen vehicle in its own fleet.

For years, Uzin Utz has pursued an active innovation and sustainability strategy, which has been underpinned by numerous product innovations in recent years. The early identification of technological trends, the transformation of the asso-ciated knowledge into new sustainable products and applications and the eval-uation of the associated potential are becoming increasingly important for the company. "As an innovation leader in the industry, we support new technologies and do not just talk about them," says Philipp Utz, Member of the Board of Uzin Utz, who recently added a Mercedes-Benz GLC F-CELL to the company's fleet. As Uzin Utz has already demonstrated with the deployment of several autono-mously driven and electrically powered shuttles in the plant traffic at the Ulm location, the company is sending out another positive signal towards an innova-tive and sustainable future by participating in the Mercedes-Benz pilot project. "Hydrogen is already today a very decisive fuel of the future. We are convinced that the technology works and is a real milestone towards a CO2-neutral future. With this vehicle we are underlining our willingness to move into an innovative and sustainable future," Philipp Utz states.