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Sunday, 25 October 2020 17:30

Uzin Utz repeats his donation of 5,000 euros to the "Grünfinder" social project

The Uzin Utz Group, a globally active full-range supplier of flooring systems with headquarters in Ulm, Germany, is underpinning its regional commitment by supporting the "Grünfinder" - a project for disadvantaged children in Ulm, Alb-Donau district and Neu-Ulm district - for the fourth time. Initiated in 2016, the project of the Kinderstiftung Ulm/Donau-Iller aims to support disadvantaged children in the region in their development through nature education activities in a sustainable and comprehensive manner.

"By supporting the Children's Foundation, we are underlining our social responsibility, which is more important than ever, especially in the current times", emphasized Julian Utz, Member of the Board of Uzin Utz AG. In the virtual donation handover, Julian Utz, together with Eva-Maria Kunz and Lyndsy Schultz, Sustainability Team at Uzin Utz, presented the donation of EUR 5,000 to Anna Bantleon, Head of Grünfinder, and Annette Fiegel-Jensen, Managing Director of the Children's Foundation Ulm/Donau-Iller.
The topic of sustainability has long enjoyed high priority in the group of companies. Since 2016, the family business has been a member of the "WIN-Charta". This is the Business Initiative Sustainability (WIN) of the state of Baden-Württemberg. As a member, the company is committed to adhering to twelve sustainability principles and to further increasing its sustainability activities. Within the guidelines, we focus on product responsibility, climate protection, employee well-being and job creation in the region. The initiative also promotes the regional commitment of participating companies through a so-called "WIN-Charta Project". For example, Uzin Utz has been providing financial support to the "Grünfinder" since 2017.

A long lasting cooperation
With the donation of over 5,000 euros, the family-owned company is continuing its long-standing tradition of supporting the local work of non-profit initiatives in the fields of culture, sports, education, environmental protection and social affairs. The company is thus fulfilling the guidelines defined by the signing of the WIN-Charta of the State of Baden-Württemberg for sustainable economic activity.
The environmental education project Grünfinder particularly supports disadvantaged children from socially deprived families. This is intended to help primary and secondary school students develop an understanding of nature and their environment, while also promoting their personal development.
In recent months, the Grünfinder activities could not take place within their planned framework due to corona restrictions, but as a replacement a comprehensive and entertaining online offer was set up: There were ideas and suggestions to implement activities for nature experiences at home. In addition, various games and activities were sent to the children during the school closure. These should help to bridge the time without the Grünfinder hours and to keep up the interest in nature. Recently, it has again been possible to take Grünfinder walks together and in small groups. A further expansion of these activities is also planned for the autumn, for which any support is welcome.
Social sustainability in the corporate strategy
By supporting initiatives such as the Grünfinder, Uzin Utz emphasizes the social aspect of sustainability activities, which are firmly anchored in the corporate strategy PASSION 2025. Firm values and a positive corporate culture shape and strengthen social interaction both between employees and with the corporate environment. And the "Grünfinder" are a part of this.

"Social co-responsibility is an important part of our corporate philosophy", explains Julian Utz, member of the board of directors of Uzin Utz AG. "To support children in a good development in their lives is a wonderful opportunity to take on social responsibility and make a lasting difference".