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Tuesday, 20 October 2020 15:36

Care and Maintenance of Malaysian Hardwood Flooring

Maintaining timber floors with ease

Mother Nature provides a wide spectrum of natural wonders for mankind. As being close to nature all the time may not be possible, man has learnt to bring the outdoors indoors. As such, using a natural, green material such as timber as flooring in one’s living space is aesthetically pleasing be it in a private or public place.
Besides providing constant and direct contact with nature, timber floors stand out as an excellent material that can withstand heavy foot traffic. With the development of hard-wearing floor coatings, wooden floors are now much easier to maintain. Such new technology in wood stains and finishes means only minimal sweeping or vacuuming is required to take care of wooden floors.

Timber floors also do not collect as much dust or harmful allergens as other types of floors such as carpeted flooring, thus contributing to a healthier living environment.
Wooden floors can be cleaned just by either sweeping or mopping. If there are surface scratches, scuff marks or stubborn stains, these can be easily removed through light rubbing with a wood floor cleaner.
To check the condition of the finish, place a few drops of water on the surface. If the water maintains its bead shape, then the finish is still intact which means the floor only needs cleaning and not recoating.
To protect from sand or grit, just place a floor mat near doorways and to reduce the effect of direct sunlight on the floor, use blinds or curtains. Timber floors can be easily maintained and kept sturdy and attractive for years to come with these simple steps.
A wide range of Malaysian timber species are used for flooring. They are hardwoods such as Balau, Merbau, Kempas, Merpauh as well as temperate species like Ash, Beech, Cherry and Iroko. Timber floors are suitable in homes, offices, showrooms, indoor sports arenas, restaurants, resorts, as well as health and learning institutions. Over time, timber flooring when maintained properly will retain its beauty and become more valuable.

For more information on Malaysian timber flooring, please contact:
Malaysian Timber Council
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