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Monday, 20 April 2020 16:42

Küberit - No delivery bottlenecks because of the Corona

Smooth order processing and stable supply chain

During the last weeks, Küberit GmbH & Co KG, Lüdenscheid/Germany, has adapted its processes and workflows as good as possible to the changed situation caused by the Corona Virus. The profile specialist has organized itself in a way that a smooth process is still secured and all orders can be processed in time.

The Corona-Lockdown of the national and international economy and public life have no impact on the deliver ability of Küberit at the moment. “We have prepared ourselves well in recent weeks and organised our processes in such a way that we can continue to work smoothly and process all orders on time. At present, we do not expect any impairment of the supply of goods or shortages of raw materials. Our supply chains are - as of now - absolutely stable, as we buy our material in the area of the European customs union, says Udo Ulbrich, managing director of Küberit GmbH & Co. KG.

Küberit does not expect any dramatic falls.

Whether the corona wave will have an impact on the supply chain at a later date is difficult to assess at present; according to the company. “Like many in our industry, we are concerned that the flooring industry has announced supply bottlenecks in some areas, but at the same time we trust that retailers and tradespeople will have strategies to redirect demand,” says Patrick Welscheit, Export Manager, describing the situation with regard to the market.

We follow the recommendations of the governments.

Of course, we adhere to all generally expressed recommendations of the governments, reduces travel and personal meetings to the bare essentials, maintains the recommended distance between each other and respects all individual measures of its customers. “Today, Küberit is positioned in such a way that we can work well in the next weeks despite these restrictions without any impairment of quality and delivery. Please be assured that we will do everything to maintain the current delivery performance or to optimize it further”, affirmed Udo Ulbrich.