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Wednesday, 13 November 2019 17:26

HWZ International AG

INDO is the latest trend in interior design. Reclaimed Indonesian wood is recycled and manually processed into INDO premium wall coverings. Available in 37 decors!

Wood is too good to be burned – recycling and maximum usage are the main aspects of INDO. All INDO wall coverings are manually produced in a finely tuned production process. Thus each panel is a unique object. This present of nature is produced with the brand INDO in a way, that human and nature in balance enable another existence for the natural product wood. With the new collection for decorative wall coverings we direct our attention towards the versatility and ecologically responsible use of the natural product wood.

The FSC® collections are very special. For the production of the decorative wall coverings Teak FSC® recycled materials (beam, doors, floorings etc., thus wood which is up to 200 years old) are used for a new purpose. So here the third life of wood starts.

✓ Each Plank is unique

✓ Reclaimed natural wood

✓ FSC-certified collections

✓ Handmade

✓ 100% recyclable

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