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Tuesday, 17 September 2019 12:16

Sopro / Slimline floor heating systems

The achievement of contemporary living comfort is a key goal of building refurbishment projects. Here, the provision of a comfortable floor heating system is often a key requirement. However, inadequate space is generally available for standard floor heating assemblies.

One solution is to use a modern slimline system, such as Kermi x-net C15, embedded in a specially optimized self-levelling surface filler such as the system-tested Sopro FS 15 550 floor-levelling compound produced by Sopro Bauchemie GmbH.

This combination allows the installation of floor heating systems in coats with thicknesses upwards of 17 mm in conjunction with strong substrates.

One particular merit of the slimline assembly is that heat is emitted almost directly to the floor covering.

The thin construction allows operation of the heating system with a low flow temperature while nonetheless guaranteeing a very fast response time. Kermi x-net C15 heating systems thus combine flexible use with energy efficiency.

Thanks its special drying behaviour, Sopro FS 15 550 is ready for bonding parquet, laminate and similar floor coverings after only 7 days.