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Friday, 05 July 2019 16:58


When choosing oak solid flooring for your home there is always a question of grade and surface finish. Which grade and surface finish to combine depends on your taste. There are no rules about it. But you have to know what you want to show when choosing your surface finish.

Darker tones and brushing are perfect to create the effect of rustic atmosphere. Brushing will emphasize unique structure of each bord of solid flooring. It also gives more character and color appears more vivid. It will have stronger appearance.
Surface finishes withouth brushing gives more sophisticated look. On oiled surface finish, you will still see natural structure of oak, but much softer.

Spačva understands the need of modern interiors. Trying to give options for classic but also modern homes we created a big range of surface finishes. From light to darker colors, with or withouth brushing. Each color will create different interior style. Because of sophisticated look that oak solid flooring gives, it is easy to combine with the rest of the interior. Long lasting beauty, tradition and unqie structure easilliy makes oak solid flooring perfect choice for each home.