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Content magazine Floor Forum International 2019 -2020

Floor Forum International 106 - December 2019

Special Belgium | Producers of ecological adhesive producers | Bamboo floor trends | Subfloors (part 3) | Sanding machines (part 3) | Laminate : click systems examined, a survey | Substrate leveller producers | Who produces industrial parquet ? | Are you familiar with fitting vinyl, LVT, and PVC floors | Dry-glueing for floor coverings (tapes) | Preview of Domotex Hannover (D) | Preview of Batibouw (B)

Floor Forum International 107 - February 2020

Special Poland | New trends in vinyl, LVT, and PVC floors | Outdoor floors: wood & composite | Who has adhesive for various screeds in combination with floor heating? | Repairing substrates: Who has the products for this purpose? | Is Accoya now commonplace for terrace and wall cladding? | The ecological footprint of the flooring sector | Who has hand-machines for roughening up old tiles, scraping the screed, and removing old carpet, tiles, adhesive residue, etc.? | Silane adhesives for LVT, PVC, and vinyl floors I Preview of Domotex Shanghai | Review of Domotex Hanover (D)

Floor Forum International 108 - March 2020

Special Congo |Colouring wooden floors: a summary of the various techniques | Fastening systems for deck flooring | New trends in cork floors | Outdoor bamboo   floors: dos and don’ts | Stair renovation with laminate inlay | Producers of indelible/water resistant laminate floors: who has them? | Flame-retardant lacquers and oils: properties & legislation | Producers of 3D decorative wood for walls | Cross-cut floor producers: types and fitting methods | PVC, vinyl, and LVT floors: extra business for floor fitters | Who offers personalised laminate/design/LVT, PVC floors | The main benefits of ‘the new abrasives’: abrasive materials geared to the single-disc machine instead of the traditional method with abrasive nets I Ride-on machines for roughening up old floors, the removal of tiles, old carpet, adhesive residue, etc. | Solid and multilayer parquet in combination with floor heating and cooling | Who has products for sports floor lines? | Packing machines for the parquet industry | Who has products for cleaning and maintaining wooden floors? I Producers of skirting boards with integrated LED lights | Who has products for giving a wooden floor/parquet a distressed look?

Floor Forum International 109 - May 2020

Special Malaysia | Hygrometers and damp-measurement | Pre-colouring: what’s on the   market?   | UV curing on site | Producers of Hungarian Point and herringbone in LVT, PVC, and vinyl | Adhesives for LVT, PVC, vinyl and design floors | Producers of profiles for LVT, vinyl, and PVC floors | Style panel producers | Parquet oil | Moisture barriers | Producers of wooden/composite wall cladding | When to use and not to use (adhesive) primers and/or damp screens: the benefits and drawbacks | Wooden sports floors | Who has PVC-free design floors? | Promotion of durable floors in your showroom | Review Domotex Shanghai | Preview of Carrefour International du Bois (F)

Floor Forum International 110 - June 2020

Special Tanzania | Floors with real anti-bacterial properties | Producers of skirting boards made of vinyl or laminate panel itself |The many benefits of vinyl, PVC, and LVT floors| | Providers of abrasive materials | Finishing and maintaining wooden exterior walls | Distressed floor producers | Choose cork and promote it in your showroom | Automation in the parquet industry | Hybrid adhesive producers | The various adhesives and glueing techniques for LVT, PVC, vinyl, and design floors and what about the open time? | Discover the possibilities of industrial lacquers | Hard wax oil | Subfloors for LVT, vinyl, and PVC floors | Small and medium- sized oil and lacquer machines | Producers of bamboo floors present their ranges | Adjustable floor support systems for terrace floors | Drying oil/lacquer using LED | Invisible lacquers: who has them? | LVT, PVC, and vinyl floors in the project market | Wooden terrace floors versus wood composite terrace floors | |Who has reaction stains?| How do you prevent or identify problems with lacquering? I Who has an oil which can be finished in one coat? I Review of Carrefour International du Bois (F)

Floor Forum International 111 - September 2020

Special Rwanda | Suppliers of filling machines | Colour and colour hardwax oils | Anti-slip finish for in and outdoors | Producers of laminate floors in Hungarian Point and herringbone style | Subfloors: part 1 | Elastic adhesive producers | Sanding machines : part 1 | Outdoor floors: care and maintenance | Producers of distressing machines | Invisible fastening systems for exterior wood & composite wall cladding | Versailles panel producers | UV curing machines on the site | Oiling wooden floors at high temperatures is becoming more common through global warming | Who has colour stains? | Coloured oil: what is the correct method for finishing the edges?

Floor Forum International 112 - November 2020

Special Italy | Air humidifiers for consumers: a necessity| Stair renovation | Suppliers of tools & materials for fitting terraces correctly | Skirting boards producers| Subfloors: part 2 | Sanding machines: part 2| Producers of laminate in XXL format | Producers of veneer wooden flooring: what’s new? | What are the major benefits of silane adhesives? | UV/LED lacquers and oils | Multi-layer floor producers | Maintenance and cleaning products for floors in vinyl, LVT, and PVC | Producers of Hungarian point and herringbone parquet (solid and multilayer) | Filler and repair kits I Floor heating and cooling with LVT, PVC, and vinyl floors I Producers of profiles with integrated LED lights I What are the trendy colours for wooden floors nowadays? I Combined lacquer and oil finishes: how do we do this and who has these products?

Floor Forum International 113 - December 2020

Special Belgium | Producers of ecological adhesive | Bamboo floor trends | Subfloors: part 3| Sanding machines: part 3| Laminate : click systems examined, a survey | Substrate leveller producers | Who produces industrial parquet ? | Who has lacquers which apply a finish in one coat? | What is the future of PU adhesive? |Who has lacquers specifically for wooden staircases? |Preview Domotex Hanover (D) | Preview Bau Munich (D)