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Bamboo floors (6)

MOSO International was formed in the Netherlands in 1997 and has gone on to become the European market leader and the A-brand in innovative bamboo floor products for both indoors and out. Apart from quality and appearance, durability is becoming increasingly important. MOSO can guarantee that its solid bamboo products are CO² neutral throughout the entire life cycle, and the company can supply them with FSC certificates and 100% formaldehyde-free adhesives.

At Lalegno, they have sensed a growing interest in bamboo for its natural features and the fact that they lightly carbonate the bamboo. Lalegno tries to transfer to bamboo the light shades which we find in oak. Since Lalegno guarantees stabilised parquet, they have opted for a three-layer construction whereby the company can offer bamboo 2200mm long and 189mm wide. In particular, the Strandwoven (density) bamboo is rapidly growing in popularity.

At Buco Import they have seen a growing interest in bamboo. There has been a fall in plain pressed and an increase of density/cobam. Customised oiling or varnishing is certainly a new trend. Buco Import offers solid wood, HDF, and multi-layer. The main sales argument here, too, is the vast hardness.

At Bamboo Touch they have noticed that the market is cleaning up its act to flush out those suppliers who give bamboo a bad name. As far as decorative trends are concerned, Bamboo Touch is seeing a growing demand for white and grey tints. In addition, there is also a strong demand for Bamwood, which has much greater impact resistance than most sorts of wood. Bamboo Touch offers both solid wood and multi-layer.

WST offers floors produced from the strongest and hardest sort of bamboo, namely Mao bamboo. The company likes to point out that there is a difference between plant-like and woody bamboo sorts. As regards trends, they have noticed different preferences:

Since 1994 we work with the raw material bamboo and employ it for modern interior design applications.

The knowledge that we have accumulated over many years allows us to offer professional solutions for parquet layers, interior design companies and the industry and ensures first-hand expertise.

A well-coordinated parquet flooring programme, system accessories and a huge selection of board materials provide the basis for winning over ambitious builders and designers to an innovative material.

Our well-stocked warehouse ensures safe and reliable delivery.

In order to emphasise our high standards of product quality and functionality, we have created the brand bambeau®.