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Parquet oil

Parquet oil (2)

Wednesday, 29 January 2020 14:04

Rigo Verffabriek

Since the 1990s, RIGO Verffabriek has been a frontrunner in water-based parquet lacquers and single-layer parquet oil in the Netherlands. In 2003, we introduced SKYLT Original, the first truly invisible parquet lacquer, which has since proved itself to be a hard-wearing, invisible finishing product. With our ROYL Floor Oil products, we provide parquet floor layers with a hassle-free single-layer oil system. ROYL OIL 2k, for instance, can be applied to the entire floor in one go and will be dry and stable after a mere 24 hours. We carry a comprehensive range of products for parquet floor layers: STEP Water-based floor lacquers, SKYLT Invisible lacquers and ROYL protective oils.

Wednesday, 01 April 2015 18:22


Decades of study, professional consultation and sharing of knowledge with Scandinavian and North America colleagues have shaped the undeniable expertise of DURIEU.
In 1978 DURIEU was the first company to manufacture and market the famous "saturator" in France and internationally.
Recognised as having expert knowledge in the protection and beautification of that noble material, wood, DURIEU has developed ranges that respond to and meet the demands of specific conditions.