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Producers of distressing machines (3)

Trivec supplies various machines for distressing wooden surfaces. The standard brush machines in the DB400 series can be supplied with one or more heads (maximum of six on one machine). The greater the brush contact in one passage, the greater the effect. The important point here is the position of the brush module and the type of brush. Trivec has a wide range of brushes in its assortment and invests heavily in new types of brushes and configurations.

Applying mechanical damage using various tools without creating a repetitive pattern is best done in transit so that floors can be produced at high speed. It is important that the sort of damage and the depth can be set easily. Beating is a very common method of distressing. It has the advantage that there is no repetitive pattern because the applied damage is completely arbitrary. However, beating does also have some disadvantages.

FNT Trabattoni Stampi doesn't make any floors, but produces and sells machines for distressing floors, especially rotating machines and rollers for embossing. These machines can be used for solid wood, multi-layer floors, and veneer.