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Distressed floors (15)

Engraving is a special surface treatment that applies a unique pattern of the floor surface. It reveals dynamic character and enhances the texture of the wood to give your floor an absolutely stunning and creative style.

Yepp has both solid oak distressed floors and multi-layer floors in its range, in thicknesses of both 14 and 21mm (solid wood and multi-layer). The distressing processes are applied to solid wood and multi-layer tongue and groove systems, both in plank design and in herringbone and Hungarian point.

At Zabolak they consider distressing every possible sort of wooden floor, from 4 to 40mm thick and from 50 to 500mm wide. This applies to both solid wood as engineered. Since Zabolak is a so called 'contracting firm', distressing is always at the client's request.

Oosterlink produces both solid wood and engineered floors. The solid wood floors are made in thicknesses of 9mm (old Flemish style or Burgundy) , 14, and 22mm. These latter two thicknesses are fitted all round with tongue and groove and they are called wooden floors. The engineered parquet is available in 16/4 , 18/6, and 21/6 whereby the final figure refers to the thickness of the top layer

Litubel primarily has solid oak parquet in various dimensions: in 14mm thickness they have widths of 130, 150, and 180mm. In 20mm thickness widths are available of 150, 180, and 216mm.

At Lalegno, their range of manually distressed floors is limited to the range of oak floors of 15mm (top layer 4mm) and 21mm (top layer 6mm). The untreated hand-scraped parquet 15-CLASSIC-260-BRUT-GHV and the oiled equivalent, the 15-CLASSIC-260-MEURSAULT, are very popular with both floor fitters and the general public, particularly because the planks are extra long (2200mm) and wide (260mm) and therefore resemble an authentic castle floor.

As a production company, Heywood Vloeren offers solid wood floors and multi-plank floors consisting of a solid wood top layer glued onto birch plywood. These floors are offered in various sorts of wood such as European oak, American white oak, walnut, wenge, merbau, curupixa, jatoba, ipe, afrormorsia, afzelia, ash, maple, pine maritime, Russian pine, douglas, sucupira etc.

FB Hout offers distressed floorboards in oak. This collection, which is called Old Floor Collection, is supplied immediately from the stock in six colours and three widths. FB Hout has its own distinctive method of distressing to stand out from their rivals. They must do of the work by hand to give the product a more natural look instead of an artificial one.

Flamingo Parket is a comprehensive supplier of wooden floors. They supply solid oak planks (20mm), the dual layer system Twin Plank in thicknesses of 12, 16, and 18mm, traditional parquet floors of 6mm/wide floorboards (8mm)/mosaic parquet (8mm), and tablets (10mm). A good 95% of the products come from their own factory. Flamingo Parket can distress all floors and they do so in their own factory.

Design Parquet offers solid wood parquet, multi-layer parquet, and veneer floors. Distressed designs are offered mainly in oak, but the company likes to adapt its production to meet clients' wishes.

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