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Sanding machines and polishers (4)

Since 1948, Malish has been a renowned name in the world of floor cleaning equipment. Under practically every leading brand in floorcleaning machines and singledisc machines, you will find brushes, pad holders, and specialist products made by this American market leader. From its headquarters in Willoughby, Ohio, Malish has been manufacturing and supplying these products and for more than 15 years from its own factory in Dongguan, China as well. Since 2012, the European sales office, which is located in Ulvenhout, near Breda (Netherlands), has been operational.

The range of sanders offered by Kunzle & Tasin is just about the biggest on the market. The Taurus is one of the showpieces of the Italian sander maker. This endless belt sander has excellent dust suction, whilst the powerful 4 PK motor always ensures excellent sanding. The sanding pressure can be adapted endlessly. The Aries is the lighter version (60 kg) of the Taurus (3 PK). As well as the Taurus and the Aries, Kunzle & Tasin also has the drum sander Sirius, a tool weighing 80kg. The sanding pressure can be set in endless positions. The Orion is a heavier drum sander weighing 85kg. This Orion is a powerful machine with a wide sanding drum of 250mm and is therefore ideal for completing bigger jobs quickly. All Kunzle & Tasin sanders guarantee that the job will be done faster. With the Taurus, Aries, and Sirius, the sanding surface is a good 185mm, whilst that of the Orion is even 235mm. Naturally, that makes a difference with big jobs. K&T, which launched the first sander (Arlequin) with a vacuum unit, is a strong is a strong advocate of external dust suction units, both for the quality of the work and the health of the fitter and end user.

Tover RC1 sanding machine is extremely versatile. Its system of orbital magnetic discs combined with the speed variator enables an excellent level of finishing (fine sanding) but also a really efficient grinding and brushing. Thanks to its good stability, it is possible to drive it with only one hand, without effort and in total safety. The vacuum system has been improved with a powerful turbine which drastically reduces the quantity of dust during the working time; the site is thus healthier for the installer and the abrasives used remain clean; consequently their action is optimized.
Demonstrations on site can be organized by our staff to show the multiple qualities of the machine.

At Klindex they have the Timba. The Timba is a light sanding machine, which, unlike most belt sanders, requires little explanation, training, or experience. The operator can work quickly, easily, and economically. An improved suction system ensures that this machine hardly leaves any dust behind. The Timba can be deployed for all sanding jobs related to fitting parquet or other wooden floors. We can use the Timba for smoothing or levelling the floor, provided that we use grain 24. We then use grains 36 and 40 for sanding in that order. The Timba's 'scraping' function soon seals any open holes and gaps. The floor can be polished between coats of varnish using a pad or grain 220. The Timba also has various accessories for preparing the substrate. For example, the 'Carborundum' is an excellent aid for levelling cement covering floors in preparation for fitting parquet.