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Maintenance products for solid floors, laminate, veneer and deck floors (3)

Since the 1990s, RIGO Verffabriek has been a frontrunner in water-based parquet lacquers and single-layer parquet oil in the Netherlands. In 2003, we introduced SKYLT Original, the first truly invisible parquet lacquer, which has since proved itself to be a hard-wearing, invisible finishing product. With our ROYL Floor Oil products, we provide parquet floor layers with a hassle-free single-layer oil system. ROYL OIL 2k, for instance, can be applied to the entire floor in one go and will be dry and stable after a mere 24 hours. We carry a comprehensive range of products for parquet floor layers: STEP Water-based floor lacquers, SKYLT Invisible lacquers and ROYL protective oils.

Plastor, a designer of solutions to protect and decorate wooden floors, works hard to meet the needs of decorating and interior design professionals.
A specialist for more than 50 years in the production of wooden floor varnishes, today Plastor offers a complete range to meet the needs of all tradespeople: glues, sanding materials, stains, varnishes, oils, maintenance, and decking protection products.

Wood Floors Protected.

For the past 100 years, Pallmann has been supplying complete systems for the surface treatment of wood and cork flooring and is a leader in the development of the latest waterborne sealer and finish technology. From modern oil-wax systems to innovative solutions for fast renovation work, Pallmann customers can choose a product that will meet the demands of each installation.

And Pallmann's commitment to the environment and your health is our top priority.