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Laminate floors (6)

Long, wide and successful: Gran Via, HARO's laminate floor design with large-size plank format and bevelled edges on all four sides, has become a class of its own. Based on the vast expertise as a parquet manufacturer and with an excellent feel for what wood floor decors will sell, HARO showcases exciting new arrivals for 2015. Introducing fresh new colours, textures and formats, the new laminate floor range ensures strong sales. The range of "laminate floors from the parquet specialist" for 2015 presents more than 20 new styles, two additional perfect-match textures, and a palette of colours that has been extended by trendy greige tones (grey + beige) to cover the full colour spectrum. With the extensive expansion of the Plank 1-Strip styles with four-sided bevel, plus new arrivals for the Gran Via and Campus ranges, HARO puts the focus on the trend topic Plank 1-Strip.

At Windmöller Flooring Products GmbH they do not (yet) use any nanoparticles. The company says that its most important innovations in the field of surface treatment are anti-static, anti-bacterial, and Teflon.

At Haro, too, various surfaces provide the variety in the assortment. Haro offers 13 different surface textures ranging from smooth to authentic and from matt finishes to finishes with highlighted grains. Recently, the company has developed matt and glossy effects to give the floor the appearance of a natural oiled parquet floor with a fibre depth (embossing) of no less than 200µ.

The major tendencies as regards surface treatment are the matt and semi-gloss finishes in combination with synchronised surface structures. The Osmoze range with five different decors is an answer to this trend.

To make laminate floors resemble parquet even more closely, Balterio uses matt structures and a deeper embossing. As far as the fitting is concerned, Balterio offers three click systems of its own: Click Xpress® (CXP), Drop Xpress® (DXP), and Press Xpress ® (PXP). Click Xpress® [CXP] ensures extremely quick installation.

Rosenheim - Innovative "Made in Germany" products are a tradition at Hamberger, the parquet and hard-surface floor manufacturer. The company's developers have once again achieved an impressive breakthrough with the "HARO TRITTY Silent CT" Laminate Floor. Compared with floating laminate floors with conventional insulation, the HARO TRITTY Silent CT provides reduced room sound of more than 60%, and is therefore currently the quietest laminate floor around.

The home "lives" – and HARO Tritty Silent CT helps it to!
Being at home means being "well" — the demands on the quality and aesthetics of floors in particular are accordingly high. Even if high-grade laminate is now optically almost indistinguishable from real parquet – the reputation of being "loud" and returning noises almost unfiltered back into the room, continues to hamper laminate floors. Another breakthrough has once again been achieved here with the ComforTec technology available exclusively from HARO. Independent measurements at the renowned wood technology institute "Institut für Holztechnologie" in Dresden prove: compared with floating laminate floors with conventional insulation, HARO TRITTY Silent CT reduces room sound by more than 60% Whether it be children playing with building bricks or the dog trotting through the living room: the noise level is kept low and the pleasant home-life atmosphere is undisturbed.