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Novowood is the Italian Wood Plastic Composite that stands out for its ability to give the sensation of natural wood, eliminating its defects and providing a long durability.

The acronym WPC describes today a product that might look simple at a first sight, and almost all the same on the market, but in reality customers can find many different formulations that give products with different peculiarities.
Novowood exclusive formulation was born in 2004 from the collaboration with the University of Ferrara and it’s made by 65% of recycled wood, 25% of high density polyethylene (HDPE) and 10% of additives.
It’s specifically the additives, together with the quality of wood flour and the typology of the polymer, that provide a high durability product, suitable for outdoor use even in very aggressive environments such as the marine ones, reducing maintenance at the minimum. Novowood is also stable in shape and colour, it doesn’t split and it’s resistant against woodworms, insects and fungus.

The product is available in multiple colours and finishing, some closer to the look of natural wood and others with a more distinctive character.
Sustainability is one of the most important aspects of Novowood. It has indeed obtained in 2021 the Remade in Italy® certification, which proves a percentage of recycled material inside it of at least 81,5%; it’s also recyclable: once its life cycle is over it can be regenerated up to 20 times with no need of new materials.
The product substitutes traditional wood in all the outdoor uses. Decking, cladding, louvers: the wide range of Novowood products offers solutions for all the environments, from private houses, to facades of shopping centres and walkways in marinas.
It is not just a simple alternative to natural wood: Novowood is a unique product, that represents the first choice for architects and designers who used it in 37 nations all over the world.
Novowood will be attending BAU 2023 in Munich: visit booth 308, in hall B5.

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