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Friday, 05 July 2019 13:16

HARO – Natural living with parquet

HARO herringbone parquet offers ultimate living pleasure

Herringbone parquet is experiencing a true resurgence at present. Apart from its classic and timeless appearance, it also impresses with optimum sustainability and additional comfort features. HARO offers perfect solutions in this respect.

Rosenheim – Strip parquet on upwards trend. HARO is one of the best-known parquet brands in Europe and stands for premium products in the world of flooring design. This is of course true both for HARO’s three-layer and two-layer product range. As regards the two-layer product range, in particular, HARO offers a wealth of product solutions to catch the eye, with a high-quality range of parquet strips for all applications both in commercial and private housing. Installation by professionals allows a variety of installation patterns, such as the traditional herringbone bond pattern, which creates a very vibrant impact without taking away from the radiance of the natural wood product – an absolutely timeless design trend. In addition to herringbone installation, other installation types, such as square or cube pattern, Old German bond pattern or English bond pattern, are also enjoying a strong revival and are possible with HARO strip parquet.

HARO herringbone parquet – pure wood with smart features

Products in the HARO strip parquet range that are suitable for herringbone installation include the Allegro design in a 10x70x490 mm format and the Prestige design in a 10x120x1000 mm format. These compact strip formats offer an unbeatable advantage thanks to their efficient and sustainable use of wood as a raw material – both as regards the two-layer construction and virtually waste-free installation. The wood used by HARO to make its parquet flooring is sourced primarily from sustainable forestry that is certified with the PEFC seal.

HARO strip parquet comes with a 30-year guarantee. What’s more, the range of parquet surface finishes offered, such as the PermaDur seal, the naturaDur surface or the naturaLin plus oiled surface, protect the parquet for a lifetime. Sanding and re-finishing are not necessary over the entire period of use under normal wear conditions. And best of all: more than 20 elegant wood varieties are available for selection with HARO strip parquet.

Meeting tomorrow’s needs today with HARO

HARO strip parquet is ideally suited for glue down installation over underfloor heating thanks to its efficient two-layer construction and its lower installation height in comparison with three-layer parquet (e.g. Strip Prestige 10 mm, Strip Allegro 9 mm in the 3000 series, 10 mm in the 4000 series). The low thermal resistance (Prestige with 0.076 m²K/W, Allegro 0.052 m²K/W in the 3000 series, 0.076 m²K/W in the 4000 series) ensures that underfloor heating can achieve optimum efficiency levels while saving energy at the same time.

Together with the new two-millimetre thick Silent Double Fix insulation underlay, peak values are also achieved in terms of footfall sound reduction. Compared with direct adhesion of the two-layer parquet to the screed without Silent Double Fix, the variant with two-sided glue down installation of the two-layer parquet with Silent Double Fix offers enhanced footfall sound values of +6 db together with optimum thermal resistance of 0.010 m² K/W. In addition, the installation underlay contains absolutely no harmful substances and is certified by the Blue Angel as especially sustainable.

HARO strip parquet with Silent Double Fix installation underlay is therefore the ideal combination both for new buildings and for renovations and modernisations.

Flexibility and accessibility thanks to low installation height

Another advantage of HARO strip parquet is the low installation height. This often proves to be a real benefit when it comes to extensive renovations. That’s because the low installation height of the parquet usually eliminates the need for costly modifications to doors as well as transitions between rooms. This is an advantage also in terms of accessibility in construction – even with different floor coverings.

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