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Friday, 05 July 2019 11:13

HARO successful at the U.S. expo NFWA

HARO was represented as an exhibitor once again at the wood flooring trade fair NWFA Expo in Fort Worth, Texas, this year. The highlights among the products showcased this year included “six colors designed for the American market.” The colors were presented in a cube display that attracted much attention among trade fair visitors.

Rosenheim – Business in the United States continues to grow. HARO is continuously expanding its business in the United States. One major aspect of the company’s sales activities in North America is participation in and a presence at the hardwood-floor expo organized by the NWFA. This year, the event was held at the beginning of May in Fort Worth, Texas. Just like last year, HARO had a booth at the trade fair. The company showcased its product line for the North American market there. In recent months, HARO has further expanded its North American sales team and is now able to cover the most important sales regions in the United States.

HARO created quite a buzz with its “six new colors for the United States” and its XL boards

Haro’s U.S. product range is aimed in particular at specialists. As a result, the company accentuated “the six new colors” that included Crystal White, Reed Brown, Fumed Oak Plaza and Fumed Oak White at its expo booth. The cube display designed with this very purpose in mind caught the eye of many trade fair visitors. The three- and four-meter-long XL boards made quite an impression as well because they reflect the tastes of decorators in the United States. The panel parquet made by parkettmanufaktur and the strip parquet variants Allegro and Prestige were showcased for the first time. Just like the European market, the trendy classic fishbone pattern turned many heads and has become a very popular flooring and, thus, decorating detail in the United States.  

HARO is now fully positioned on the radar of U.S. target group

In statistical terms, the U.S. floor-covering market has been continuously growing for years. In particular, demand is expected to continue growing in the premium segment. As a result, the mood in the expo halls of the NFWA was particularly positive this year. The feeling was created in part by the strong rise in visitors who primarily came from flooring retailers and flooring-installation companies in the United States. Designers/architects, property developers, wholesalers and retailers: The HARO trade fair booth attracted a large number of visitors and produced many new business contacts.

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