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Monday, 01 July 2019 14:58

HARO Laminate Flooring 2019

HARO laminate floors 2019 – simply better

Rosenheim – A universal colour world, a fully enhanced product range that includes even more quality features and thus user ben-efits and the positioning of the company as a small, but exceptional maker of high quality laminate flooring are the highlights of the new HARO laminate floor collection 2019. HARO Laminate – Simply better

In the new laminate flooring range, HARO has consistently enhanced the quality and performance characteristics of its TRITTY series for end customers. Under the motto “HARO Laminate – simply better”, the company is not only refining its positioning profile with the most beautiful wood styles, the quietest laminate floors and the simplest installation. HARO also exceeds the standard requirements in many disciplines with its HARO TRITTY laminate floors, while also fundamentally upscaling the entire product range with even more natural looks, better performance characteristics and extended warranties. HARO has therefore streamlined and simplified the product range and thus made the sales process simpler for sellers.

A distinct ‘Good – Better – Best’ approach is being followed by HARO, with the TRITTY 90 Series being pitched at the mid-range sector with 18 styles that impress with a level of use of 32 and a 20 year guarantee.

The TRITTY 100 Series has a host of new surprises in store: 25 year guarantee, more than 80 percent of all laminate floors in the 100 Series come with an authentic surface, 19 identical styles both in standard length and in Gran Via format, while two new authentic surfaces in the especially natural looking Oak Emilia and Oak Bergamo styles offer a variety of performance characteristics in this series for end customers and therefore for specialist retail.  

And finally, HATO is positioning the TRITTY 200 Aqua Series at the top end of its laminate flooring range. Customers can expect an especially durable and hard-wearing premium laminate floor with extra moisture protection, which is also ideally suited for use in kitchens and bathrooms thanks to its level of use of 33. The 8 mm floor impresses in this regard with an abrasion resistance level of AC 6 (NEW!), which is exceptional in its class, and exclusively with authentic style surfaces to which two further style bestsellers have been added.

HARO is therefore positioning itself as a small but choice supplier of laminate floors, which set standards in terms of their sense of touch and authenticity.

Fit to take on the challenges of the future

HARO is once more highlighting its leading role with the new laminate floor product range and will demonstrate the essence of stylish, natural and healthy living flooring and interior design at its Stand 302 in Hall A5.

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