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Monday, 01 July 2019 11:56

HARO Parquet – In a class of its own

HARO Parquet: New highlights 2019

Rosenheim – Welcome to Germany’s leading parquet manufacturer – this is the slogan of HARO’s new parquet line-up for 2019. The new product range has been reworked and updated especially in terms of colours and colour worlds. Some new trend colours, such as Fumed Oak, have been added to the product range and the premium segment Plaza has been extended. What’s more, HARO has rediscovered and enhanced one of its specialities: the eye-catching Carrè end grain parquet.

The new HARO Parquet product range – In a class of its own

The structuring of the product range in universal colour worlds for Longstrip and Plank 1-Strip allows more efficient presentation at the PoS and thus supports sales to end consumers to perfection. The classic modern, yet timeless parquet colours in the Longstrip and Plank 1-Strip ranges are now combined in the four colour worlds of White (Sand White, Puro White), Nature (Invisible, Nature), Brown (Amber) and Grey (Sand Grey), all of which are available in three different surfaces, namely naturaLin plus, naturaDur and permaDur. Modern trend colours are also available with the naturaLin Plus surface in the Plank 1-Strip range. The new HARO Parquet product range for 2019 has been significantly streamlined and is presented in a clearer and more differentiated manner in comparison with the competition.

HARO is thus impressively underscoring its role as a premium manufacturer, offering end consumers an extremely attractive product range of choice bestsellers in trendy floor colours with all surfaces, and thereby creating the basis for simple and efficient sales. What’s more, HARO is additionally offering trend colours for the Plank 1-Strip range such as Oak Crystal White, Oak Atelier, Fumed Oak Puro White, Fumed Oak Invisible, Fumed Oak, Oak Reed Brown, Oak Tobacco Grey and Oak Shell Grey, all fitted with the naturaLin plus surface.

Grade clusters with Plank 1-Strip and Longstrip

HARO product developers have concentrated on just two grade clusters for the new 2019 parquet product range. Customers can choose between a somewhat calmer or more rustic cluster for Plank 1-Strip and Longstrip. Two grades can then be selected for Plank 1-Strip within each of these two clusters (for an elegant look: the Markant and Exklusiv grades; for a natural look: the Sauvage/ Alabama and Universal grades) as well as for Longstrip (for an elegant look: the Trend and Exquisit grades; for a natural look: the Favorit and Terra grades).

The new Plaza product range – Brushed or alpine brushed

HARO has paid special attention to expanding the Plank 1-Strip Plaza product range with brushed surface. Discerning customers are spoiled for choice with the Plaza product range with ‘Oak Invisible Markant brushed’, ‘Oak Invisible Sauvage brushed’ and ‘Fumed Oak Sauvage brushed’, each with the naturaLin plus surface. In order to emphasise the especially rustic character of the once heavy brushed surface and highlight it in the truest sense of the word, Plaza will now also come with an alpine brushed surface from 2019 in a universal grading with naturaLin plus surface. The new Plaza product range therefore has a simple and clear structure: the brushed surface is available in the Markant and Sauvage grades, while the alpine brushed surface is available in a universal grade.

naturaDur – The revolution in parquet surfaces continues unabated

When it comes to the revolutionary parquet surface naturaDur too, HARO product developers have focused especially on ensuring that the most popular four colour worlds are covered. The existing colours are being complemented by the new colour shades Puro White and Fumed Oak to round off the product range. A universal colour palette is therefore available for the naturaDur surface too. naturaDur ingeniously offers customers a surface that is as beautiful as a naturally oiled floor and as easy to maintain as a sealed floor, and that’s precisely why HARO has extended this product range.

Eye-catching end grain look from HARO Parkettmanufaktur

And last but not least, the eye-catching Carrè end grain parquet from the Parkettmanufaktur by HARO range will also be on display at Bau 2019. With the end-grain look experiencing a rebirth once more, Hamberger is giving this look a modern makeover with new colours. And as with the parquet product range, the four colour worlds are also covered in this case. In contrast to most solid end grain floors, Carré offers all of the advantages of engineered parquet – dimensional stability, easy to install and generous end grain appearance.

Fit to take on the challenges of the future

HARO is once more highlighting its leading role with the new parquet floor product range and will demonstrate the essence of stylish, natural and healthy living flooring and interior design at its Stand 302 in Hall A5.

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