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Thursday, 03 January 2019 17:12

Original Chapel Parket

Unique by Nature

A secluded monastery, where timeless traditions are kept alive. The buildings lovingly looked after by their inhabitants, who know every crack in the walls, every knot in the wooden flooring. Their feet have left traces of wear on the floors, in the rooms and hallways, telling a story of ancient routines.

Welcome to the world of Original Chapel Parket flooring. The Original Chapel Parket stamp is your seal of quality for the most exclusive, Dutch-made wooden flooring. The Original Chapel Parket story is one of a distinctive natural product, manufactured in an environmentally friendly way.

Natural identity

We use only the best European oak to create Original Chapel Parket flooring. We respect the natural variation in the wood; every tree is unique, and so are our products. Working and living on an Original Chapel Parket floor will add your own signature, making it even more beautiful.

Handmade and the widest choice

Original Chapel Parket is produced entirely in- house, from raw timber to finished product, for every interior and taste, for domestic and commercial use, in large or small spaces, in solid wood and engineered. All Original Chapel Parket floors are finished in a specially developed clear oil layer which makes them highly stain resistant, durable and easy to maintain. This finish makes these floors particularly suitable for commercial spaces, including shops, offices and restaurants.


Distinctive flooring made with respect for the environment. Original Chapel Parket is all about making the most of wood: We use only wood from forests managed according to sustainable principles and with FSC and PEFC certification. By being actively involved with the sawmills, we oversee the process from the very start and every step of the process. In addition, our Bio energy plant ensures the manufacturing process leaves nothing to waste as all wood residues are processed into 100% green electricity.

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