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Thursday, 03 January 2019 17:11


Our aim was to offer a powerful grinding machine to be used for the preparation of subfloors which is also lightweight and easy to transport. Many of our customers are regularly working in multi storey buildings with no lift. Often installers are working on their own on building sites and have no opportunity to transport heavy machinery to the top floors.

We are delighted to be able to present our COLIBRI Grinding machine:

We would like to keep this machine deliberately simple and offer only 2 sanding discs. The aggressive PCD-tipped sanding disc “Piranha pink” and a diamond-tipped “Universal sanding disc, green”.

Technical data:                           

mains supply:                      230V

power input:                         2,2 kW

rotational speed:                 2.600 rpm

weight:                                  35 kg

working width:                     300mm

Extractor hose connections suitable for 50mm and 76mm connectors, as Multi-Vac Y-adapter.

Attached to this ENL you will find a product brochure with further information about the machine.

This machine is of interest to all our customers who are looking for a lightweight and easy to handle machine which can be used universally in the area of subfloor preparation.

The COLIBRI can easily be carried by one person. Without sanding disc it merely weighs 35kg. The handle which can easily be folded makes the machine very flexible when transported.

In order to achieve good sanding results despite the low weight of the machine we defined the rotational speed at 2.600 rpm and an engine with a torque of 43Nm.

This means the machine rotates very fast but with its intelligent handle it can be very easily and steadily operated. To increase the sanding results an additional weight can be attached.

No tools are needed to change the sanding discs. We developed a quick release mechanism which closes automatically and can be opened manually. No risk of malpositioning the quick release mechanism. Furthermore the disc base of the machine is equipped with small magnets which hold the sanding discs in position, even without the quick release mechanism. A very useful detail during assembly of the sanding discs.

The machine has a high sanding capacity. It is important to connect a suitable industrial vacuum cleaner. We recommend at least our JANVAC 1600-H-Power.

The level of the machine can be adjusted at the back of the machine using a locking mechanism. For optimum adjustment we have installed a water level on the casing of the machine. The aggressivity of the machine can thus be further adjusted.

Currently there is no other machine on the market which offers comparable performance detail at such low machine weight.

The COLIBRI is especially constructed for the treatment of rough subfloors.

With the COLIBRI we would like to open up a different market segment:

COLIBRI customers are users who need a light and easy to handle machine which is powerful enough to remove and sand adhesive and levelling compound.

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