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Wednesday, 07 November 2018 09:08

Workcamp Parquet in the Netherlands – Osmo as partner and sponsor

Innovation through tradition

Under the motto “innovation through tradition”, experts from the parquet and wooden flooring industries met from the 1 to 9 September 2018. This annual training project brought master craftsmen, professionals and apprentices from 15 nations together to work on one project and to exchange work methods and techniques.

This year 40 participants took part in the restoration of the wooden flooring at the Castle Grounds in Arcen near The Hague. Nearly 140 square metres of parquet were laid in a traditional Tapis or herringbone pattern, which is common in the Netherlands, Belgium and parts of France. The project and the traditional parquet installation both gave an intense look into the specialities of Dutch craftsmanship. Every craftsman had the opportunity to integrate their own techniques and methods; thus a harmonious, relaxed atmosphere was developed between the 40 participants, who completed this impressive project together.

Workcamp Parquet offered Osmo Holz und Color GmbH & Co. KG as wood specialists and global players the perfect opportunity to have personal contact with craftsmen from various countries. The company, which acted as both partner and sponsor, could put its over 50 years of experience to the test. On 4 September, two presentations were held by Osmo finish advisors and export assistants; furthermore, the range of Polyx®-Oils was presented. Many intriguing questions were placed during this exchange, which Osmo advisors happily answered. Through the hands-on experience with Osmo products, the ease of application and the advantages of the wood finishes quickly became apparent to the participants.

Visitors were wholeheartedly welcomed to watch the live demonstrations given by Osmo as well as to see the Castle Grounds of Arcen for themselves. The whole project was a complete success.

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